Samsung Galaxy S5 16 GB AT&T Full Review

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After launched Galaxy S4 and get much positive welcomes from society, now Samsung comes back by bringing the new brand, named Samsung Galaxy S5 16 GB version. Nowadays, this Smartphone becomes the king of Android Smartphone of the world, it is due to its larger display, eye- catching design, impressive features and much more. Although it was launched recently, but enthusiasm of gadget lovers in the world climb up. There are two version of Samsung Galaxy S5 when it is looked from its storage. First it is Galaxy S5 with 16 Gb and the last is 32 Gb. Although they are classified based on price and storage but overall, inside features are same. There are many manufacturers who produce this amazing Smartphone such as At&t, verizon and T-mobile but we recommend you to get it from At&t for some reasons, are that long satisfying guarantee, friendly- service and comes into many branches around areas of the world.


In term of display, Samsung Galaxy S5 16 Gb is no doubt. It supports Super Amoled capacitive touch- screen that facilitates the user to operate it easily even with some fingers in one hand. For the dimension, as like another high-end gadget, S5 has also larger size with 1080 X 1920 pixels and 5.1 inches ( ~ 432 ppi pixel density). Total dimension is 2.85 x 5.59 x 0.31 inches with 5.11 ounces of weight. Multi-touch is supported to make the user feels satisfied in operating it. For type, click, drag with finger or pen, zooming mode etc, everything becomes easier and simpler by this. For screen protection, it is completed with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 version that fully protects this Smartphone from any scratches or outer influences. For the sensor, Galaxy S5 uses some important sensors to update any applications that are suitable with the sensors. Some supported sensors such as Geomagnetic; Fingerprint Scanner, accelerometer; barometer Heart Rate Sensor, gyr, RGB Light and much more. Dual frontal stereo speakers are also included accompanied with HDR mic and built–in amplifiers.

Processor Strength

Talk about the strength certainly can’t be separated from processor. Samsung Galaxy S5 16 Gb uses 2.5 GHz Quad- Core processor with supported memory expansion up to 64 Gb. As like its name, Samsung Galaxy S5 16 Gb uses 16 Gb internal storage that can load thousands files as much as you would save. I n term of performance, with support of Quad- Core processor 2.5 Ghz, everything can run smoothly. It is free from long loading and almost all applications can run well without forced stopping.


This awesome Smartphone uses GSM SIM card that can run the fastest connectivity, it is LTE bands. The 4G LTE Bands, GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, HSPA+/UMTS: 850/1900/ 2100 MHz. Also support Wireless (802.11a/b/g/n) and bluetooth 4.0 for data transmitting. The more interesting that S5 has equipped with Near Field Communication. It is a NFC technology that enables communication between NFC on Smartphone. Beside that, GPS, GMap and eGPS are also included. For the business term, On-Device Encrypt, Enterprise-Ready; VPN-Ready. The last one is about port, there are some main ports that enable you to connect you gadget to third party i.e. HDMI connection with 3.5mm stereo audio jack, Micro-USB 2.0 port with MHL for USB.


Capture your beautiful moments by high quality performance of camera on Samsung Galaxy S5 16Gb. S5 has 16 Mp rear camera with 4 X Digital Zooming as great as Sony Digital Camera plus Optimal LED flash to bright when night comes. Feel the different sense in capturing every moment in your life by selfie- mode with 2 Mp of front camera. While shot moded includes Auto, Panorama, 3D Tour, Beauty Face, Shot, Dual Camera etc. Never being afraid get low-bat when enjoy capturing, due to its great battery power. 2800 mAh battery power is equivalent with a high class Samsung tablet.


Samsung Galaxy S5 16 Gb supports almost all types of video and audio formats i.e. Audio formats (OGG, WMA/ASF, AAC, AMR, AWB, WMA, QCP, , FLAC, MP3, Midi Ringtones, MP3, MP4, 3GA/M4A, WAV, Music Tones Polyphonic; 72-note poly) & Video formats MP4/3GP, WMV/ASF, WEBM, AVI, HD Streaming video, , FLV, MKV, Video Player and much more). To choose the best music player, you can get it free from Samsung Store.

Addition Impressive Features

Additionally, Samsung Galaxy S5 16 Gb is equipped with excessive features that make you feel Wow when see all. First feature is named Samsung Smart Switch. By having Samsung Smart Switch, you have big freedom to move from other cell phone without feel scared for losing your own music, photos, contacts and your personal contents. This feature will give you extra protection through the outside threats. Moreover, the finger print scanner is also included. This feature allows you to get optimal protection from someone else who wants to try enter to your Smartphone. It is still locked and just you who can open the lock. The next feature is S Health integrated mobile health partner. Built in heart monitor is amazing feature that able to respond to your own touch. It can be suitable friend when you are going to exercise.

Operating System

Now, let’s change to Samsung Galaxy S5 operating system. It uses the newest Android operating system, Android 4.4. 2 named Kitkat. Kitkat has the most responsive interface that facilitates you to look trendy with splash of colorful screen. This OS also supports almost all applications on Play Store, even when it is included 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory, of course its performance will be more awesome than others.

Battery Life

The last one that we will show you is Samsung Galaxy S5 battery life. S5 has longer life battery than others. The power of battery even is equvalent with the tablet in general. It uses 2800 mAh battery power. Well, after you know everything incredibly about Samsung Galaxy S5 16Gb, are you interested to buy it right now?. To get this product, you can order at Amazon. It gives you a satisfying service, full warranty and best products.

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