Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 32 GB 2014 Edition Full Review

samsung galaxy note 10 32gb 2014 edition amazon

One more, Samsung comes back to launch the new gadget in this year. 2014 probably can be the lucky year for Samsung to get opportunity for releasing new tablet version, named Galaxy Note 10.1. After being successfully with the previous note version, it seems Samsung has not been satisfied. They try to climb up and compete with tight rivals by producing Note 10.1 32 Gb 2014 with more abundant features and specs. At glance, New note 2014 has no sharp different than previous note version, Note 10 2013. They are same to use Android Jelly Bean with 10.1 inch of screen size with the weight is not far different. Nevertheless, Galaxy Note 10 32 Gb is more excellent with presence of pixels on camera that is better than others. See complete New note 10.1 2014 review below.

Display and Resolution

Let’s talk about the display and resolution of this gadget. Note 10 32 Gb 2014 has 10.1 Inch TFT display with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system. For the resolution, it uses 2560 X 1600 WQXGA screen resolution with 4 millions of colors. Of course this range is so incredible, remind that some other note versions are just presented with 1280 X 800 pixels only, meanwhile New note 2014 is on the top. In addition, Super Amoled gorilla glass are also included. This powerful tablet also offers fast performance in the easy and modern design that is comfortable to bring, even with a hand. As like in other tablet in general, Multi-tasking is supported.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS

In the other hand, Note 10 32 Gb also uses newest Android OS jelly bean, but it is with the newest version 4.3, meanwhile the Note 2013 is less with 4.2 Android OS. Upgradable to Kitkat. Note 10 32 Gb 2014 has the best performance, since it uses quad core powerfully processor. Completed with pens that help you to optimize menus that have been integrated with easy- interface of Jelly Bean operating system.

32 Gb Internal Storage and Awesome Quad-Core Processor

For internal storage, New Note 2014 uses 32 Gb flash memory (internal memory) with impressive RAM capacity, 3 Gb. Of course these highest RAM capacity brings luck on you because it does not limit your gadget- activities. Beside that, this tablet also supports SD card slot that can be extended up to 64 Gb of SD card. In term of processor inside, Note 10 32 Gb 2014 uses quad- core processor 1.9 Ghz. For the type of processor, Samsung uses Samsung Exynos 5420 version to aim for the best Quad-Core Processor.

8 MP of Rear plus 2 MP of Front Camera

Now, move to the camera resolution. Note 10 32 Gb 2014 is successfully to hypnotize any gadget lovers to buy this due to its awesome camera ability. 8 Mp of rear camera seems uncommon statement. You can capture every moment in your life with extra large screen size with the most perfect resolution. Use the rear camera to capture in the dark place. It will no doubt, the result is still perfect with support of optimized LED flash in the back. Meanwhile the front camera can be used to video call or chat. No matter where will you stay, video call can run smoothly with the sharp result of video. In term of video capability, it is in 1080p recording video.


Probably you will be rather shocked after know that this most sophisticating gadget actually doesn’t support complete connectivities term. Note 10 32 Gb 2014 is controlled by WiFi only, it has not supported GSM network. It doesn’t matter as long as the price is equivalent with the feature that is offered. We think new Note doesn’t mean bad. Another connectivity that is included is USB 2.0.

Features Inside

For the feature inside, you will find unlimited enjoyments that you will not find on others. It is equipped with Dolby Virtual 5.1 surround for full movies, games and also music. Additionally, this can work more optimal with the presence of S Pen that enables you to get notes by a hand- written technology for quick accessing shortcut. Get and watch HD videos for longer time as long as it has 2500 mAh battery life. It also has 10.1 with a 16:10 aspect ratio, so HD content fits better. Another impressive feature is multi- windows. This feature enables you to place two or more applications side by side and also use the both at the same time. You are able to pull contents from one app to the side app uniquely. Of course, this way is really useful when you are writing two e-mails at the same time or at least need two references fro two sites.

Have A Function As Remote Control

Instead some important new Note 2014 features above, Note 10.1 32 Gb 2014 actually has another excellence that you never realize. Now, TV is available in your one gadget. It is a simple TV, thank to Note 10.1 32 Gb 2014 due that it is built – in IR blaster that allows you to use your tablet as a usefully remote- control. Additionally, the Samsung Watch- On feature allows you to type into your zip cable and codes provider to seek current TV listings and get the best recommendation according on your viewing histories.

Use Polaris Office and Share with Group Play To Update and Edit Work Documents

Get finishing up your own presentation and insert it into your spread- sheet when go on with the best feature of New Note 2014, named New Polaris Office. This incredible app allows you to see and edit Excel, Access, Power point, PDF, Word and much more text formats everywhere you want. And well, if you wish to collaborate with the share- media, Group play will help you to make it easy by share your own presentation and photos through Wi-Fi.

How To Get It ?

To get Samsung Galaxy Note 10 32 GB 2014, you just visit at Amazon and get the best price at there. Amazon is a trusted online shop that is considerable to visit. They even provide free shipping for the product that you would buy. Order it online right now. BUY NOW (black) (white) !

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